Thomond Community College

Cervical screening has started again. Priority groups started getting invitations for HPV cervical screening from 6 July. Those on a 3 or 12 month recall and 25 year olds being screened for the first time are being invited first followed by those who have had tests delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. HPV cervical screening is a new way of cervical screening. Though your sample is collected in the same way, it is tested for the HPV virus first. If HPV is found, your test sample is checked for abnormal cells. HPV cervical screening finds 9 in 10 cases of abnormal cells and is the best way to see if you’re at risk of cervical cancer in the future.

We have created a series of animated videos that explain the new testing process in a way that is simple and easily understood. We welcome your support by sharing the videos on your social media platforms.

What is cervical screening?

What is HPV?

Restarting cervical screening safely

How is cervical screening done?

How effective is cervical screening?

Your HPV cervical screening results

Symptoms to look out for

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