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Gardaí urge parents to be aware of dangerous ‘cannabis sweets’

“Some of the bags are so like the branded versions that many young kids wouldn’t tell the difference”                                                          April 2021  

Gardaí have urged parents to be aware of cannabis sweets which are sweeping the market and are packaged to look almost identical to known brands of popular jellies.

Meath Gardaí say they have seized a sizable quantity of the illegal sweets, some laced with dangerous levels of the psychoactive chemical THC. The brightly-coloured packets look just like they are aimed at kids but usually consist of a 500mg dose of THC. Last year, 13 teenage girls in London were hospitalised after taking the candy drugs and suffered nausea, hyperactivity, elevated heart rates and hallucinations. 

In Meath, the sweets have been seized in packets almost identical to well-known sweets leading to fears that a young child would easily be tempted to unwittingly take one.

The sweets are in colourful packs and include names like Trrlli in various flavours such as sour infused octopus, strawberry puffs and peachie as well as Wowheads Sour Jelly Beans, Caribo Happy Cola and Baribo Goldbears.

All packs bear the CA (cannabis logo) and the THC content of up to 600mg. The sweets were discovered as part of bigger hauls of drugs seized by the Meath Divisional Drugs Unit across the county.

A Garda member of the unit has highlighted the drugs in a bid to make parents more vigilant and raise awareness among young teens of the dangers they pose.

“These sweets seem to be the new trend out there at the moment. There are certainly around Meath in the last few months and have popped up quite a bit on drug searches,” they said.

“They are mainly being discovered among hauls of other drugs in properties and I’d say that is because they are relatively new here. They are being sold for up to €30 for a bag of five or six sweets and the bags would look very attractive to kids. Indeed some of the bags are so like the branded versions that many young kids wouldn’t tell the difference.”

“The Caribo, Trrlli and the Stoneypatch seem to be the main ones on the market.