Thomond Community College
Sing out with Strings Violin Tuition:

The Irish Chamber Orchestra (ICO) provides weekly workshops in singing, song-writing, violin, viola, cello and double bass tuition for 1st year music students in TCC.  The project is jointly funded by the Salesian sisters and LCETB.  The project is Inspired by El Sistema, the Venezuelan model of music education, which provides free instrumental and vocal tuition countrywide, Sing Out With Strings has gained a significant place within the musical fabric of primary music provision in Limerick’s regeneration process. TCC is  the first secondary school to roll this project out. This important work has attracted local and national attention and recognition as an excellent model of instrumental music provision within schools.  The project addresses issues of inclusion, equality of access and provision and highlights the numerous benefits that a long-term project of this nature has on the children, staff, parents and the wider community.  Both at individual and collective levels, the project is uniting communities, building local pride, creating vehicles for expression, stimulating emotional responses and developing tangible musical knowledge and skills.  Sing Out With Strings aims to continue to expand, contribute and strengthen the social, cultural and creative capital of communities within Limerick.

Music Generation:

Music Generation is a Music Network initiative, funded by U2 and The Ireland Funds, putting music at the heart of young people’s lives across the city.The programme is based on the principles of inclusion, both social, musical and self expression, giving young people the confidence to express themselves and a platform to share it.​

The Music Generation secondary school programme in TCC follows the model that has brought their programme national recognition as leaders in the field of using music to engage, inspire and retain teenagers. A team of instrumentalists, rappers and producers work with groups of students for an intensive blocK of time. They introduce musical concepts and facilitate the creation, arrangement, performance and recording of an original piece of music. The resulting work is uploaded to the limerick Voices Soundcloud Channel where it becomes part of an online legacy of original music coming out of Limerick.


The choir of Thomond Community College is comprised of students from 1st right up to 6th year, boys and girls. In 1st year, students audition for a space in the choir and if choose to take part they will perform in regular concerts in LIT and the UCH. Choir members enjoy singing contemporary upbeat songs.

Cork Pops Orchestra 2017:

The Cork Pops Orchestra and their conductor Evelyn Grant celebrate 25years in show business this year. The Orchestra is looking forward to entertaining our students in this year’s Cork Pops Orchestra for Schools Series in UCH, University of Limerick. All 1st year music students have the opportunity to attend this exciting concert. 2nd years are still raving about last year’s concert!

Ukulele Orchestra:

The TCC Ukulele Orchestra is made up of students from 1st – 6th year. They all meet on Wednesday lunchtime to learn how to play the ukulele and rehearse for school concerts. TCC Ukulele Orchestra has performed in LIT, the Milk Market, Bedford Row, St. munchin’s Community Centre and St. Camillus’ Hospital. The ukulele’s are provided by the school, it is not necessary to buy a ukulele. However, some students like to ask Santa for one so that they can practice at home.

Guitar lessons:

Free guitar lessons are provided after school one evening a week. Students sign up at the beginning of the year. Guitars are provided by the music department so there is no need to buy one. However, some students bring in their own guitar and that way they can practice at home as well.