Thomond Community College

Thomond Education Fund Scholarship

Thomond Community College is excited to present a new academic scholarship called the Thomond Education Fund Scholarship. The scholarship will be presented to the student who has satisfied a number of criteria.


In the lead up to the amalgamation of Salesian Secondary School and St. Nessan’s Community College it was decided that the Thomond Education Fund Scholarship would be awarded to one student from each respective school. This year, the scholarship will be worth a total of €20,000.

Each of the truly deserving recipients of the inaugural Thomond Education Fund Scholarship will receive €2,500 each year for four years while they are completing their studies. In 2015/2016 . the recipients were Jason Hannan, a past pupil of St. Nessan’s Community College, who is currently studying Mechanical Engineering in U.L. and Enya O’Callaghan, a past pupil of Salesian Secondary School, who is currently studying Business with French, also in U.L.

2016/2017 and beyond

The scholarship will be awarded to one student who will be awarded credits in a number of areas. Full details are included in the application form.


The scholarship is due to the wonderful generosity of a past staff member who has very kindly funded these scholarships and who wishes to remain anonymous.