Thomond Community College

Class Teacher

  • Class teachers support and encourage all students in their care.

Class Tutor

  • Each class group will have a Class Tutor who takes a pastoral interest in their students and monitors academic progress.

Year Head

  • Each year group will have a Year Head who liaises with the services of other support personnel in assisting students.

Home School Community Liaison Coordinator (HSCL)

  • The Home School Community Liaison Coordinator (HSCL) supports those at risk of disengaging from the formal education system. The Home School Community Liaison Coordinator (HSCL) liaises between home and school and with other support agencies.

School Attendance Officer

  • The School Attendance Officer records and monitors school attendance levels and promotes good attendance by students in agreement with procedures outlined by the National Education Welfare Board (TUSLA).

National Behavioural Support Services (NBSS)

  • The National Behavioural Support Services (NBSS) may be utilised to promote and support positive student behaviour, to assist with challenging behaviours which impede the process of teaching and learning.


  • The College Chaplain provides an important pastoral service for the whole school community e.g. Spiritual Direction; Pastoral counselling; Support in crises; Trauma Management; Bereavement Support; Liturgical Celebrations; Prayer Experiences, etc.

Guidance Counsellor

  • The guidance counsellor meets students who need support to deal with any difficulties that they may need to discuss.

School Completion Programme (SCP)

  • S.M.I.L.E. under SCP, work closely with Thomond Community College to ensure that students, who have been identified as being at risk of early school leaving, are supported and encouraged to remain in school.

Restorative Practice (RP)

  • Restorative Practice may be utilised to promote and support positive student interaction, to assist and resolve challenging behaviours. It promotes positive, affirmative relationships within the school community, which impede the process of teaching.


  • Rainbows is a bereavement Support Service that may be offered to students who have experienced loss through bereavement or separation.

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